I saw the movie yesterday the first day it was out and I loved it. Yes, it was predictable and
Yes, there is some SERIOUS botox going on with Samatha, and yes the plot was super contrived, but it was worth it to spend a little more time some of my favorite NY women. The fashion was impressive and contraversial as always and Its was really fun seeing some of the characters from the past re-emerge (esp Aiden and Smith Jarrod)

The scene with them on the camels and lunching out in the dessert was probably my favorite visually, and I Kristin and Miranda's mother bonding drinking game being my favorite dialog.

Oh, and god do I love that blue couch. I would stay home everynight too if i lived in that apartment :)

The only thing I thought it was lacking was enough romance, but there was enough "I am woman, hear me roar" to make up for it!

What did others think? What was your favorite Carrie outfit? Or favorite scene? Try not to give away too much as I don't want to spoil it for anyone!