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The Carrie Diaries: New SATC

Kate.moon August 17, 2011 User blog:Kate.moon
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Is Sex and the City coming to CW? The iconic HBO show might be getting a prequel called The Carrie Diaries, which takes place during Carrie's high school years. So far, Josh Schwartz of Gossip Girl has been tapped to produce The Carrie Diaries for CW! Can you imagine any of the ladies in their teenage years? What would they look like? For one, there are rumors that a young sexy Samantha might be played by none other than Blake Lively of Gossip Girl fame!

Other casting rumors include Selena Gomez as a young Charlotte, Emma Roberts as Miranda and Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie! What do you think? Would you watch a revamped Sex and the City with a younger cast?


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